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Health Tourism

Dr. Pectus Clinic is entitled to operate in the field of International Health Tourism within the scope of the Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist’s Health, in accordance with the Requirements for International Health Tourism Health Facility and the general principles of the regulation.


Health services defined for those who come to our country from abroad for treatment only for any health problem are called "Health Tourism", and health services defined for people who come to our country for vacation or other reasons but whose health problem has been detected and treatment has been started in Turkey, are called "Tourist's Health". Medical intervention by health facilities not authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey regarding Health Tourism or Tourist’s Health is prohibited by the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

Before you come to our country for any health intervention, you can follow up online on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey whether the clinic you plan to be treated is authorized for health tourism. We share the link below for your easy access:

Authorized Healthcare Providers

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, private clinic names are defined by the name of the doctor in charge of the clinic and the Turkish Title. That's why “Dr. Pectus Clinic” is named in the list as “Doç. Dr. Hasan Ersöz Muayenehanesi”.


If you click on the link above and select “Authorized Private Practices”, and search for the name “Hasan Ersöz” in the document that opens, you can see that our clinic is still currently authorized.


In order to ensure your patient's health in a reliable clinic that has completed the "Health Tourism Authorization Criteria" and to defend your legal rights in a negative situation that may occur regarding your patient's health during the treatment process, please do not carry out your treatment in an unauthorized clinic! 

Doc.Dr.Hasan Ersöz Uluslararası Sağlık Turizmi Yetki Belgesi

Specialized Tourism Agency in Health Tourism

Özkandan Group is a Tourism Agency Authorized for Health Tourism Purposes by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and also Authorized as Group A (with the highest authority) by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.

The legal authorization of the Tourism Agency, which makes an official contract with the Clinic where you will be treated, is of great importance in order to avoid any disruptions in all procedures other than treatment during the Health Tourism process and to ensure your legal rights. As Dr. Pectus Clinic, we found it appropriate to work with an agency that has obtained the highest level of authorization documents from both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and we made an official contract with such an agency. All our efforts are for your comfort and legal assurance.

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If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call +90 501 134 40 88 or fill out the contact form or email to

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