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Pectus Excavatum Correction with 3D Silicon Implant

The main purpose of the treatment should of course be a "real treatment surgery", which is the surgery to replace the sternum bone where it should be. However, for real treatment surgery, the patient needs to withdraw from daily life for a month, need someone to take care of him, and struggle with the patient's pain. Moreover, the patient cannot do sports for the first 3 months after the surgery, and then contact sports will be restricted until 3 years after (the bars are removed again). The patient's work-school may not allow him to withdraw from daily life for a month, or he may not have anyone to take care of him. Apart from this, the patient may be an athlete and it may not be possible to stay away from sports for 3 years. There could be other problems, for example, the patient lives abroad and it may be problematic to come and go. For this reason, the patient may not want to undergo a second surgery. Or he might say, "Save me at once, I don't want to deal with this again." Apart from these, they may also be afraid of reasons such as post-operative pain and penetration into the chest cavity.

Our recommendation to patients with all these problems is to hide the deformity by placing a 3D silicone implant specially designed according to the patient's tomography on the collapsed part of the bone. This surgery does not have any of the negative factors of real treatment surgeries that we have written in the above paragraph. However, the only benefit on the patient is that it provides relief from the aesthetic and psychological effects of the deformity.


It is based on the principle of filling the collapsed parts of the thorax with 3D silicone, which is specially produced. After this treatment decision is given to the patient, a 3-dimensional chest tomography is taken, and the images of this tomography are shared with this silicone producing company in France. Then, this silicone implant, which is specially produced for the patient's deformity, is sent to your doctor. After the supply of the implant, the surgery is performed. In the surgery, an incision of approximately 6-7 cm is made on the dimpled part, and this material is placed under the skin and muscles to fill the dimple with the appropriate technique and the incision is sutured. Since fluid will be collected in this area, the injector is dipped daily and the fluid is drained, and the patient is discharged on the 3rd day as this need is also eliminated. It does not need any further surgery. It does not interfere with sports, it does not cause pain. There is no life risk.


This surgery is performed at the age of 17 and above, when the patient completes his development and takes the final shape of the chest cupping.

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