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Onen Procedure is an open surgery technique that has been brought to the literature by the team that I am also in. One of the first to apply Nuss surgery in Turkey and one of its veterans, my late teacher Dr. We tried to immortalize Ahmet Önen's name by giving his last name to the technique we reported in this article, which we published shortly after his death.


Although this surgery is similar to the Ravitch surgery, it is based on the principle that no cartilage is removed from the patient and instead the sharp part of the bone is partially removed and then fixed with a screw and plate system.


The main place of application is pectus arcuatum. And as one of the developers of this technique, I can say that this is arguably the best treatment for pectus arcuatum.

A new surgical approach for mixed-type pectus carinatum - the Onen procedure.
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