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Rib Flare Bracing - Dr_edited.png


Bandage treatment is based on the principle of using a rib flare bandage, which is similar to an elastic bandage used for rib flare deformity, but corrects the deformity by not losing its elasticity over the years.


For some rib flare deformities, a bandage may not be sufficient, so your doctor may recommend an orthosis. However, it is usually sufficient.


After the bandage is wrapped around the waist in a way that includes the dislocated rib ends, it is tightened to apply pressure to the dislocated ribs and stands on the patient in this way. It remains attached to the patient for certain periods of the day.


Although there is no rib flare in some pigeon chest (pectus carinatum) patients, the rib ends begin to protrude when the orthosis is applied. In such patients, a combined treatment with a protective orthosis can be started in order to prevent rib flare while correcting the pectus carinatum.

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