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Rib Flare Removal Treatment Surgery Turkey

Rib Flare Removal

Cartilage - Rib Flare Removal in Turkey

In individuals with protruding rib ends, approximately 3 cm incisions are made over these rib ends, and the membrane feeding the cartilage on the cartilage ribs is opened without tearing, and the cartilage is removed from it. Afterwards, this membrane is sutured end to end in the appropriate position and cartilage tissue formation is provided again. However, this time, the cartilage tissue to be formed will be in a proper position as the membrane is brought into a proper position.


With rib flare surgery, patients achieve a much thinner waist circumference and posture than tiny incisions. As Dr. Pectus Clinic, we do the surgery in a way that cartilage is formed again, as we mentioned above, so there is no organ loss in the patient.

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