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Guide to
Out of Town Patients

Patient Requirements

There is no special examination or X-ray imaging that patients should have before their arrival. However, after your doctor's examination, some tests may be requested or there may be a recommendation to apply to doctors from other departments.

Prohibited Actions

Except for special circumstances, there is no prohibited situation. In some special cases, you will be notified by your doctor when there is a situation that will be prohibited during online consultations with your doctor.


Non-Surgical Treatments

In cases where non-surgical treatments are preferred, there is no need for accommodation, except for very exceptional cases, a daily examination is sufficient. On the same day, first your examination is done, then the product(s) suitable for you (such as vacuum, orthosis or bandage) is provided, and the first application and training of these products is carried out after the doctor's evaluation. Afterwards, the applications are made by you for 6 weeks as shown by your doctor, and after 6 weeks, an online consultation or a face-to-face examination is required to evaluate whether there is a possible wrong application. From the 6th week onwards, regular 6-month controls are required. These controls can be made through online consultation or daily face-to-face examinations.


If the patient also has a posture disorder accompanying pectus deformities, then accommodation is required since physiotherapy will be applied every other day. For most patients, 10-20 sessions of physiotherapy may be necessary, depending on the degree of posture disorder. In this case, 20-40 days of accommodation may be required.

Surgical Treatments

In cases where surgery is decided, the process is determined as a result of online consultation and doctor's opinion, since each surgery's specific hospitalization times and accommodation needs are determined. Information about the average processes is given in the explanations of the relevant surgeries.

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