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Orthosis treatment is a non-surgical treatment method generally used for the treatment of pigeon chest (Pectus Carinatum) and sometimes Rib Flare deformities. It is based on the principle of regular use of a medical device called Orthosis, which will provide a degree of pressure by supporting from the back to correct the deformity in the area where the anterior dislocation is by providing a freedom from the lateral sides without hindering the movements of the chest and breathing.


Orthosis treatment gives 100% results in patients who are at the age where the bone can be shaped (the epiphyseal plates have not closed yet), that is, in patients aged 17 years and under. Considering the social life of the patient, the orthosis should be worn on the patient for a period of 8 to 23 hours per day. The longer this period, the sooner the results are obtained. For example, in a patient who regularly practices 23 hours a day, the deformity improves 100% at the end of 6 weeks. In a patient who applies it for 8 hours, this process may be prolonged.


Orthotic treatment does not impose restrictions on bathing, swimming and other sports. For example, for an individual who does sports for two hours a day, 2 hours are deducted from the 23-hour period, and these two hours are counted as if the patient used the orthosis.


Correct patient selection, ideal pressure setting, correct positioning of the product on the patient and choosing the right size product are of great importance. For example, a large product may restrict the patient's arm movements. Applying the orthosis at high pressure may cause the patient to transform into a more dangerous funnel chest instead of a pigeon's chest. Or it can cause skin sores. Dr. Pectus will support you with all its experience and will provide you with assurance by being accessible for all your problems after the treatment.


Since the deformity will recur when this treatment is stopped, the tratment should be continued until the patient reaches the age of 17. In this process, your doctor will follow you regularly at 6 month-intervals. In this period, if you prefer to be examined online you will be also able to be followed up through online consultation. Of course, during the treatment period, the frequency of use of orthosis will be gradually reduced to be adjusted by your doctor.

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