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Is there a solution for "Rib Flare" deformities accompanying pectus deformities?

Is there a solution for "Rib Flare" deformities accompanying pectus deformities?

If the patient wants to correct both pectus excavatum and accompanying rib flare, we offer a non-surgical solution with vacuum+bandage (or orthosis) treatment until a certain age.

At older ages, the modified Nuss operation with the cross-bar method simultaneously corrects the rib flare deformity along with the pectus excavatum. We can also perform the flare buster technique if necessary.


 Rib Flare deformities


There are few clinics in the world that performs the cross bar technique. I am sharing the link to the literature in which 6 clinics from 5 countries were involved and we compared cross and parallel bar techniques in more than 400 patients and I was the main author in the article.

In this article, we talked about the benefit of the cross bar technique on rib flare accompanying pectus excavatum. I also share a link to the flare buster technique used for rib flare accompanying pectus excavatum.




If the patient does not want to have an intervention for pectus excavatum but just wants to get rid of the rib flare, there is of course the option of isolated rib flare treatment also. For this, bandages or orthosis are suitable options up to a certain age.

For patients older than this age, a simple surgery is performed to remove the protruded cartilage rib.

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